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陳蕙雅思教材 - 雅思閱讀精選 (Schooling and Education)


Schooling and Education

It is commonly believedin the United States  that school  is where people

go to get an education.  Nevertheless,  it has been said  that today

children interrupttheir  education to go to school. Thedistinction

between schooling and       education implied by this remark isimportant.

Education is much moreopen-ended and all-inclusive than schooling.

Education knows nobounds. It can take place   anywhere,whether in the

shower or in the job,whether in a kitchen or on a tractor. It includes

both  the formal     learningthat takes place in schools and the whole

universe of informallearning. The agents of education can range from a

revered grandparent tothe

people debating politicson the radio, from a child to a distinguished


Whereas schooling has acertain predictability, education quite often

produces surprises. Achance conversation        with a strangermay lead a person

to discover how little isknown of other religions. People are engaged in    

education from infancyon. Education,  then,  is a very broad, inclusive

term. It is a lifelongprocess, a process    that starts longbefore the start

of school, and one thatshould be an integral part of one's entire life.

Schooling, on the otherhand, is a specific, formalized process, whose

general pattern varieslittle   from   one        setting  to the  next.  

Throughout  a country,  children arrive at  school at approximately

the same time, takeassigned         seats, are taught by anadult, use similar

textbooks, do homework,take exams, and so on. The slices of reality         that

are to be learned,whether they are the alphabet or an understanding of the

workings of government,have     usually been limited by theboundaries of the

subject being taught. Forexample, high school students know that   theyare

not likely to find out intheir classes the truth about political problems

in their communities orwhat        the newest filmmakers areexperimenting with.

There are definiteconditions surrounding the formalized process of



在美國,人們通常認為上學是為了受教育。  而現在卻有人認為孩子們上學打斷了他們 受教育的過程。 這種觀念中的上學與受教育之間的區別非常重要。

與上學相比,教育更具 開放性,內容更廣泛。  教育不受任何限制。  它可以在任何場合下進行,在淋浴時,在工作 時,在廚房裡或拖拉機上。  

它既包括在學校所受的正規教育,也包括一切非正規教育。   授知識的人可以是德高望重的老者,可以是收音機裡進行政治辯論的人們,可以是小孩子,

也可以是知名的科學家。 上學讀書多少有點可預見性,而教育往往能帶來意外的發現。 陌生人的一次隨意談話可能會使人認識到自己對其它宗教其實所知甚少。

人們從幼時起就 開始受教育。  因此,教育是一個內涵很豐富的詞,它自始至終伴隨人的一生,早在人們上 學之前就開始了。  

教育應成為人生命中不可缺少的一部分。然而,上學卻是一個特定的形 式化了的過程。  在不同場合下,它的基本形式大同小異。  在全國各地,孩子們幾乎在同一

時刻到達學校,坐在指定的座位上,由一位成年人傳授知識,使用大致相同的教材,做作業, 考試等等。  

他們所學的現實生活中的一些片斷,如字母表或政府的運作,往往受到科目範 圍的限制。  

例如,高中生們知道,在課堂上他們沒法弄清楚他們社區裡政治問題的真情, 也不會瞭解到最新潮的電影製片人在做哪些嘗試。  

學校教育這一形式化的過程是有特定的 限制的。