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陳蕙雅思閱讀短文 - 最帥氣的“Mini Van”


上個世紀90年代北京城滿街跑的都是黃色的“面”,因為該車外形“長”的像麵包,所以也被人成為“小面”(英文叫Mini Van)。今天我們就為大家介紹了3中高階的Mini Van,希望大家喜歡。


Citroën H Van

The aroma of fresh bread veritably wafts from this prototypical French delivery van. Or maybe it's plumber's grease. Or shoe polish. Or fish oil. It's a tough call. Rare is the machine that feels more of its time and place – mid-century France, specifically – and rarer still is the vehicle that so fully assimilates the profession of its pilot. Here, then, is the plumber's chariot. Or is it the boulangier's truck? Or the fishmonger's mobile market?


Ford Econoline

"Bruce Berry was a working man, he used to load that Econoline van." So sang Neil Young in 1973, testifying to the upright Ford's blue-collar utility. But Young might not have known that the Econoline and its successor, the E-Series, would become the de facto band van in North America, shuttling musicians on the road to stardom – or ruin – for the next three-decades plus. With its engine mounted between the driver and front passenger, the original Econoline could also be configured easily as a stout pickup. Call it a proto-crossover.


Volkswagen Type 2

Whether called the Kombi, the Microbus or der Bulli, Volkswagen's Type 2 is best known as the breadloaf-shaped conveyance of choice for a generation of free spirits. The hippie-van reputation, however, bypasses recent decades of Type 2 history, particularly in Latin America, where the vans continue to serve as school buses, livery cabs and extra-urban transport. Volkswagen do Brasil announced in August that it would shut down its Type 2 production line in December 2013, ending an unprecedented run for the iconic people-mover.