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陳蕙雅思機經 - 雅思口語機經 Part2.3 (2013 10 29)


Part 2&3


Describe a teacher you want to see again.

Describe a famous person which impacts you very much, you should say:
Who that person is?
Why he/she impacts you?
What his / her famous works are?

Describe a person whom you live / have lived with for a long time. You should say:
Who the person is?
How long you have been living together?
What are the usual things that you do together?


Describe a foreign cuisine.


Describe a special thing you want to buy in the future

Will the special thing help you in your study?

Do you like to go shopping?

What are the effective ways of advertising?

Why do you like shopping?

Where do you usually go shopping?

How often do you go shopping?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern ways of shopping?

Are there any differences between the old and modern ways of shopping?


Do you like writing letters?

Do you often write letters?

What do you write?

Describe a meaningful letter or card.

Do you usually write by hand or using a computer?

Do you keep contact with your friends by making phone calls or writing letters?

Who do you usually receive letters from?

Do you think hand writing is important nowadays?

How can children improve their handwriting?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of adverting?

Do people usually buy goods after watching advertisements?

Are there any differences between the advertisements in magazines and those on TV?

Describe a TV program you dislike.
Describe an interesting story you saw on television

What are the effects of televisions on family life?

What are the effects of televisions on people at different ages?

Are there any differences between interviewing online and meeting people face to face?

Describe a TV program

Describe a story from a TV programme

Do you talk about the TV programme with other people?

Do you think the programme will be changed in the future?

How does the programme influence people?

Is it educational?

Is it fair for those TV stars to be paid huge salaries?

What kind of program do you like?

Describe a TV program you dislike

Are there many political programmes in China?

How do they influence people?

Describe a book

Describe a book you read in your childhood.

Describe a equipment(except computer)

When did you buy it?

What do you use it for?

How do you feel about it?

Describe a movie

How many types of films are there in China?

What are the mainstream films?

Are there any differences between watching films in a cinema and at home?

Do you prefer original films with subtitles or dubbed films?

What kind of films are worth watching in the cinema.

Describe an article you read in a magazine/newspaper.


Describe a library

Where is the library?

Is it a campus or public one?

Which parts of the library do you like and dislike?

Should children go to public libraries? How about the elderly?

Does the government have the responsibility to construct public libraries?

Is it important to learn how to use a library?

Describe how to use a library.

How do children benefit from going to public libraries?

How can the elderly benefit from libraries?

Where is the school located?

What do classrooms look like?

Describe a place where it is noisy.

Where is this place?

Why it is so noisy?

How do you feel about this place?

Historical place

Why do people go to historical places?

Which is your country’s most famous historical place?

Should people pay entrance fees to historical places? Could you tell me about a famous historical place that you have visited?
What place it was?
Where it is located?
What about that place interests you the most?

Do you agree that people must pay to visit these historical places and museums?

Do you think TV is a good medium to learn about the history of any place?
Do you think parents should teach their children about history?
Do you think history should be taught at school?
Do you think people are keen on visiting historical places?

Describe a seaside place you want to visit

How to save water?

Does the urban area consume more water than the rural area?

Does china face the problem of water scarcity?

Describe a concert hall

Why is it important to preserve historic buildings?

Describe your ideal house

When was it built?

Should the government invest in maintaining the historical places?

Should government invest in creating more employment?

What kind of housing do most Chinese people live in?

Where is the housing?

What are the differences between the architectural styles in the different areas in China?

Should a company design its own buildings?

Describe a room occupied by your friend

Describe a polluted place.

Describe a peaceful place. (How often do you go there? What do you do there? Explain why you like it.

Describe a historical building.

Describe a modern building.

Would you compare modern buildings and old buildings?

Do you like high buildings?


Do you think arts are important for people in the modern society?

Do you think you can make money from your art?

How do the elderly and the young view arts?

Describe a handicraft

Describe a children’s song

Describe an oil painting

Stages in life

Describe an important conversation you had in the past.

What was the situation?

Who did you talk to?

Why is it important to you?

Describe a stage of life you enjoyed

When was it?

Who did you live with?

What did you do?

Why do you think the stage is important or enjoyable?

When does a child become an adult?

What cannot you do when you become an adult?

Do you think the law is reasonable?

If you want to make changes, when is the timing?

Describe a happy event in your childhood

Describe a family event.

Would it be a shame to forget tradition?

Is it good for companies to hire elderly people?

What role do elderly people play at home?

Do young people change their attitude towards the elderly now?


Describe a science class

When did you attend it?

What was it about?

What do you think of distance learning?

What do you think of home studying?

What should the parents do to help their children if they choose home teaching?

Do your parents help you when you study at home?

Do you think studying at home is a good way to acquire knowledge for adults?

Do you think studying at home is becoming more popular? Why?

What is your favorite subject?

Should youngsters learn science? Why?

Do you think boys can learn science better?

When should students learn science?

Should students learn history?

How do we acquire the knowledge of history nowadays?

What’s the point of acquiring the knowledge of history?

Films with historical themes are very popular now. What do you think about them?

Should history films retell authentic stories or should the stories be dramatized?

How do the dramatized stories affect children?

Language learning

Describe something useful for your English learning.

How do you learn a new language?

Who do you learn with?

Is learning a second language important?

Will the learning of a new language change your understanding of local culture?

In your opinion, which languages will become more popular in the future?

What are the benefits of learning a foreign language?

Are there any differences between the way the young and the elderly learn a language?

Educational trip

Can students benefit from educational visits?

Should schools organize the visits?

What’s your suggestion?

What roles do parents play in a family?


Do people live healthy life styles in China?

Are people healthier now than before?

Are PE lessons necessary for students?


Describe a piece of advice

What kind of advice do you usually follow?

Who usually give advice?

Where does the advice lead you?

How to make young people follow wise advice?

Nowadays, do the elderly give advice to children or vice versa?

Is it important to give young people advice?

Who often give advice in your community?

Is old people’s advice more important than young people’s?


How do you and children learn history?

Describe a local history.

A conversation

What did you talk about?

Whom did you talk with?

Describe the different way of talking between man and woman.

Describe the quality of speaker.
Describe the relevant of two speaker.

A success

How do you make a success?

How should we define success?

Is result more important than process when you pursue success?

Does success lead to stress?

A speech

Why do people feel nervous when delivering a speech?

Who should give speeches to children?

Describe an important conversation you had.

Are there any communication differences between males and females?

Do you think communication skills are important?


Tell me about an experience of helping someone

Do you often help people?

Do you think people are less willing to help others? Is it good?

How should parents encourage their kids to help others?

Do people usually do volunteer work in China?

What do you think of the volunteer work in China?

Describe a sound in nature.



Describe what you wore on a special occasion

What it was

Where you bought it

Whether people thought it was good or not

Do you still keep it now?

On what occasions do people wear informal or formal clothes?

Do you think you can judge people’s character by what they wear? How?

Describe something special you would like to buy in the future.

Describe an electric appliance.

Describe a photo.

Describe something you made by yourself.
Describe an important (post)cards or letter you received.
Describe a school you went at childhood.
Do you like wearing watches?

What do you feel when you are late?


Describe a friend

Have you ever lived with strangers?

Are there any difference between the friendship among boys and girls?

Describe a person who is good at cooking

Describe a chef

Describe a famous person you would like to meet

Who he/she is

How you knew him/her

Why would people want to be famous?

How does fame influence them?

How would they change after being famous?

Why are stars and celebrities famous?

Why are some famous people remembered for a long time and others forgotten quickly?

Describe a person who helped you on an important occasion

Who the person is.

What was the situation.

How he/she helped you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a strong family relationship?

Describe an elderly person.

Describe your roommate.


Sports event

How do sports benefit children?

How do competitive sports benefit children?

What sports can be done inside a classroom?

Describe a kind of extreme sports.

Describe an exciting sport.

Describe a dangerous sport.

Season & Weather

What’s your favorite season?

Why do you like this season?

What do you usually do in this season?

What jobs are seasonal?

Who takes seasonal jobs?

How does bad weather affect peoples work?

What should companies provide for its employees who work in bad weather?

How does climatic season affect the local community?

How does climatic season affect the local economy?

What are the occupations where people have to work in bad weather?

Do builders have to work in hot weather?

What should builders take precautions against except the bad weather?

Should builders be paid more?

What should governments do to prevent global warming?

How does climatic deterioration affect people’s lives?


Describe a gift you received

Describe a thing you want to buy in the future

Describe a book you received when you were a child

You should say 1. What is its name?

2. Who gave you it?

3. What is it about?


Describe a trip that you did not make as you planned

Do different people think of traveling differently?

Are there any differences between business trip and tour?

What technology will be brought along to assist in trip?

Describe a trip you did not enjoy.

Are there and differences between ordinary trips and business ones?

What should you take when you are travelling?


Describe a piece of law


Describe a leisure activity

Describe a picnic

Describe a special meal

Design a party you will hold

Who will you invite?

What will happen?

Where will you hold it?

Do you think family party is important?

Why do people in your country usually hold a party?

What do you think about national celebrations?

Do you think they are important?

Describe a sports event

Describe an event that made you happy recently

Does money make people happy?

Describe a memorable childhood event.

Why do people often recall their childhood?

Is it important to remember the past?

Why is the young generation turning its back on tradition?

Why are children more easily influenced by western culture?

Describe an important celebration in your culture.

You should say:
when this celebration is held
what people do during this celebration
and explain what you like or dislike about this celebration .

Describe a contest you attended.

Food and cooking

Do you usually eat healthy food?

How should governments encourage people to eat healthy food?

Science and technology

Describe a machine or something electronic you want to buy.

What modern appliances do you have in your home?

What do you think of these appliances? Why?

Some people cannot keep up with the development of science and technology. What should they do?

Describe a tool for English learning

Do you think it is important to develop science and technology?

How does scientific research benefit space, medical, environmental and information technology?

Do you think scientists from different countries should share their research findings?

Who should pay for scientific research? Governments or individuals?


Describe you job

What will people take into consideration when they choose their jobs?

Why do people shift jobs?

Does your company offer any training courses?

What do you think of workaholics?

Why is it difficult for people to land jobs in your country?

Why do people want to get promoted?

What are the disadvantages of doing one job for a lifetime?