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陳蕙雅思機經 - 雅思口語機經 Part1 (2013 10 22)




Part 1


1. What is your name?

2. What is the meaning of your name?

3. Are you working or studying?

4. Who gave you your name?


5. Do children read more now than before?

6. Do you like to read newspaper?

7. How much time do you spend in reading newspaper?

8. When you were young, what kind of book did you like to read?

9. What kind of book do young people like to read?

10. When did you begin to read newspapers?

11. How many kinds of newspapers are there in China?

12. Do you prefer to read local news or international news?

13. Do you think news is important in people’s life?


14. Tell me something about your favorite art.

15. Tell me something about your favorite music.

16. What kind of art did you like when you were a child?

17. What kind of art did you do when you were a child?


18. Do you live in a flat or in a house?

19. Do you have garden in your house?

20. What do you have in your house?

21. Do you have decorations in your house? (Ex. Decorations in the walls )

22. What can you see outside your window?


23. What is your favorite weather?


24. Tell me something about your school.

25. What is your impression of your school?

26. Do you like the teachers in your school?

27. Do you want to be a teacher?


28. What is the hardest part of your job?

29. What is good about being a student?

TV program

30. What kind of TV program do you like?

31. How can you get an access to English TV programs?

32. Do you think English programs are helpful?


33. How do people spend their holidays?

34. Do you think it’s important to have a vacation? Why?


35. Where is your hometown?

36. Are there any changes in your hometown now?

37. What is the best thing you have in your hometown?

38. What is the biggest problem in your hometown?


39. Do you like your school?

40. Why did you choose this school?

41. Where do you study?

42. Do you prefer to study or work?

43. Do you like your course?


44. Tell me something about a happy event.

45. Tell me something about a happy event in your family.

46. Do you like your course?


47. What do you think about the internet?

48. What are the advantages of internet?


49. How do Chinese people celebrate their birthdays?

50. How did you celebrate your last birthday?


51. What kind of gift do you want to give your friend?


52. What kind of music do you like?


53. Do you have sports?

54. What is the importance of having a sport?

55. What kind of physical exercise do you like?


56. What do you usually do in the evening?

57. Do you like to go out in the evening? What do you usually do?

58. Do you think weekends are important?


59. Do Chinese people plant in their garden?

60. What kind of plants do you want to have in your garden?


61. What kind of transportation do you usually take?


62. Would you talk to people whom you met for the first time?

63. Why do you want to chat with other people?


64. What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

65. Do you like to wear formal clothes?

66. What is your opinion about wearing uniforms?

67. Can you judge a person by their clothes their wearing?

Household Chores

68. What do you dislike about household chores?

69. Do you think it is necessary for a child to help in household chores?

70. Do you like to do housework?

71. What kind of housework do you usually do?


72. Do you like cooking?

73. What kind of food do you like to cook?


74. How many languages do you speak?

75. How do you learn a new language?

76. Do you think learning another language is important?

77. Are you willing to learn a language if you have a chance?


Do you like flowers?

What kind of flower do you like?


What is your favorite number?

What do you think is the best way to remember numbers?

What are the numbers that you have to remember?

Is there any number that has a special meaning in your country?


What kind of movies do you like?

Where do you want to watch movies?


What kind of transportation do you like?

What do you think is the best transportation you have in your city