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陳蕙雅思機經 - 雅思口語機經 Part2.3 (2013 10 20)


Part 2&3


  1. 1. Describe a shop

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?

Why men don’t like shopping?

Do you often go shopping? Why do you like it?

Do you think that it is good for children to go shopping?

What type of shop is close to your house?

What type of shop do you usually go?

What is the difference between going to the supermarket and going to a small shop?

Why some people don’t like shopping?

  1. 2. Describe a city you have visited.

What is the difference between living in the city and living in the suburbs?

Does the city provide advantage in any aspect of your life?

What kinds of people enjoy living in the city?

What are the major problems facing the cities nowadays?

  1. 3. Introduce a place with a good water resource.

What is the importance of water?

Why do people use more water now than before?

What kind of the policy should the government make to save the water resources?

Why do people like to live in a place close to water?

What can they do if they live close to the water?

Why children like swimming?

  1. 4. Introduce a place you have studied or worked.

How is the place?

How it looks like?

Have you been to other places?

Is there any place that you really want to go?

Is there any kind of equipment that could make a place more comfortable to study?

How can learning affect people’s feeling?

Should people spend more time on studying or working?

  1. 5. Describe a place which is not polluted

Where is this place?

What kind of place is not polluted?

What do you think about pollution?

  1. 6. Describe a café or restaurant you have been.

What kind of food is popular in China?

Do you often go to restaurants to eat?

Is food important in Chinese culture?

Can food affect your health?

  1. 7. Describe a hotel

Do you like living in a hotel? Why?

How is the service of the hotel?

Is there anything that needs to be improved?

  1. 8. Describe a city you have lived in

Does the city affect their people?

What types of people are suitable to live in the city?

What is the difference between middle/small city and large city?

How is the pollution problem in the city?

Do you like to live in the city or countryside, and why?

  1. 9. Describe a famous sight.

Where is it?

Why is it famous?

Do you think it’s important to have a famous sight in your city?


  1. 10. Describe a language you want to learn (except English).

Why some children learn language faster than others?

What is the difference between foreigner teacher and Chinese teacher in teaching English?

Who is responsible in teaching children English? The parents or the school?

What are the advantages of learning other languages? Why do you choose it?

Will you go to this country?

Does your friend also learn this language

  1. 11. Describe your favorite magazine and newspaper.

What is your favorite magazine and newspaper?

What information do you get from the magazine?

What kind of people read the magazine? How popular is the magazine? Why?

What is the difference between magazine and newspaper?

How do the media affect the people?

Do people read a lot of newspaper?

When did you start to read newspaper?

Do you like local or international news?

  1. 12. Introduce a kind of electrical equipment (except computer).

What kind of talent an electrical designer should have?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a computer?

Should the parents support their children in using the internet?

  1. 13. Talk about the law.

Do you think it is necessary to create a law? Why?

Do you think the law is fair?

  1. 14. Talk about film.

What do you learn from movies?

How Chinese people think about foreign movies?

What style of movie is popular in China?

Which are more popular Chinese movies or foreign movies?

Do you think the advertisement is important for a movie?

  1. 15. Describe a project you did while you were studying

Should children have homework? Why?

Do High-school students need to have a lot of homework?

Do college students have part time jobs? Why?

How do we learn from our job?

Why some parents choose to let their children study at home ?

Do you believe in Chinese education?

What are the disadvantages of not having a computer ?

  1. 16. Describe a website.

What is the advantage of Internet?

What effect has the internet had on the way people generally communicate with each other?

What kind of people uses Internet the most?

What do you think of shopping on line?

  1. 17. Describe your hobbies

Why do you have this hobby?

  1. 18. Describe the SMS & making a phone call.

Why sending SMS is more popular than making a phone call?

  1. 19. Describe a type of sport you played when you were a child.

What type of sport do you usually do?

Do boys and girls play the same sports?

Do you agree that having a sport can make a child healthy?

Is boxing good for health?

What do you think about women joining boxing competitions?


  1. 20. Describe a recent change in your life.

Do you think children should try new things?

Do you think the society has changed a lot? What have changed?

What are the changes now? Is it better now than in the past? Why are these changes?

Is the past better than the present?

Why is the environment getting worst?

What kinds of pollution?

What is the cause of pollution?

Why the gasoline price is rising?

  1. 21. Describe one of your family events.

How is Chinese special wedding? Why is important? Will it be changed?

What is the difference between modern wedding and traditional wedding in your culture?

  1. 22. Describe a situation in your life when someone gave you an advice.

Do you usually get advices from your family or your friends?

Do you give advice to young people?

  1. 23. Describe an event of being late.

Is it important to be on time? Why?

Which kind of people are always on time?

Why are Chinese people not good in time management?

Are the children good at time management?

Who is busier the young people or the older people?

  1. 24. Describe a happy event

What are the things that can make a family happy?

What do you think make older people happy?

Why some people are still happy even if they have problems?

  1. 25. Describe a vacation.

What do people usually do on vacation?

Which is better going out or having a rest at home?

Where do Chinese people for vacation?

What do foreign people buy when they come to China?

Is tourism important to Chinese economy?


  1. 26. Describe a teenager you know.

Can teenagers affect the society?

How does the society affect the teenagers?

  1. 27. Describe someone who visited your family.

How do you treat your visitor?

Is it convenient to live in your friend’s house?

What is the difference between living in a hotel and living in your friend’s house?

  1. 28. Introduce a type of physical activity.

Why the government should let people join physical activities?

How can the government encourage people do more physical activities? Why?

What type of physical activity do you like?

What do you usually do?

How were the sports in the past?

Why modern people don’t like to exercise?

  1. 29. Describe a person who works well in his/her job.

What is the connection between a person’s age and his/her job?

What is the difference between the old people and young people?

Should we have a permanent age for retirement?

  1. 30. Talk about your family.

How many family members do you have?

Who is the head in the family in China? The men or the women ?

Who is the head in your family?

What do you think about the parents treatment to their child?

  1. 31. Describe a person you want to be similar with

Who do you admire?

What kind of people should be admired?

What kind of personality do you like

  1. 32. Describe a school friend.

What kind of friend do you like?

How do you make new friends in a new place?

What is the difference between new friends and old ones?

Do you have a close friend?

What is the personality of your closest friend?

What are the skills of making friends?

Have you made any new friends recently?

What is the difference between your new friends and your friends in the past?


  1. 33. Describe a kind of animal?

What kind of animal do you like?

Have you seen it? Why do you like it?

Why are you impressed by it?