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陳蕙雅思機經 - 雅思口語機經 Part2.3 (2013 09 28)


Part  2&3考題總結



Describe  an interesting person you recently met.

You should  say:

Who this  person is

What he or  she looks like

Where you  met this person

Who you  mentioned this person to

Why you  think he or she is interesting

Part 3

What do  you think are the most important characters of a friend?

Do you  think there is a real friendship between a man and a woman?

What are  the popular ways of making friends?

Do you  think the first impression is very important?

Describe a  good parent you know

You should  say

Who the  parent is

How you  know the parent

What the  parent looks like

Why you  think the parent is good

Part 3

How do  parents take care of their kids in China?

Are kids  free in China?

Do you  think who is good at taking care of kids, father or mother?

What is  the most valuable thing that parents give to their kids?

How do you  think about the relationship between the parents and children?

Should  parents be strict with the kids?

What can  parents teach their kids?

Describe a  person who taught you a useful skill. (for example, cooking, riding a bike)

You should  say

Who this  person is

What you  learnt from the person

How the  person taught you this

How this  skill is useful to you

Part 3

In  general, how do children learn things?

What are  the various influences on children that affect the learning they experience?

Do  children learn the same things in the home as they do at school?

What do  you think parents should teach their children?

What  skills do you think children should be taught?

Do you  think children can learn anything from other children?

Which do  you think is better for a child, to learn from television or learn from a  teacher or a person?

Describe  an interesting old person you respect

You should  say

Who this  person is

How old he  or she is

How you  know this person

What kind  of person he or she is

Part 3

Do you  think its good for  old people to retire after 65?

What do  you think old people can learn from the young?

What are  the other places in the society where old people could be take care of?

How do you  think the government should deal with the aging problems in China?

Describe  an old person you respect

Describe a  famous person

You should  say:

Who? What  does s/he do?

How you  get to know about him/her?

And  explain what you think of him/her


--- is  there too much violence in movies/ TV programs?

--will  these famous people still be famous in the future?

--why do  people like famous people?

--what  qualities do famous people have to attract people?

--how can  someone become famous

Describe a  person who visited your home

Describe a  historical person

Describe a  person who you want to spend most of your time with

Describe a  most important person affects you in your family

Part 3

How  parents take care of children in family?

Costs  about caring them

Do young  people value their parents?

Describe a  friend you know at younger age

Who the  person is

How you  became close

How you  think of this person

Describe a  person who has an important job

What are  the differences between the jobs chosen by men and women

Describe a  teacher you want to see again.

Describe a  person who is a good student you can study with.

Describe a  child.

Describe a  person whom you live / have lived with for a long time. You should say:

Who the  person is?

How long  you have been living together?

What are  the usual things that you do together?

Describe a  friend

Have you  ever lived with strangers?

Are there  any difference between the friendship among boys and girls?

Describe a  person who is good at cooking

Describe a  person who helped you on an important occasion

Who the  person is.

What was  the situation.

How he/she  helped you.

What are  the advantages and disadvantages of a strong family relationship?


Describe a  rule in school you agree or disagree

You should  say

What the  rule is

Why the  rule is needed

How the  rule is enforced

Why you  agree or disagree the rule

Part 3

Do you  think the rule is important? Why?

Is the  rule suitable for all students?

What rules  are there in your school?

How do  people obey the rules?

Should  pupils be involved in making rules?

What rules  are there people should obey in the society?

Are rules  different between in primary school and secondary school?

Describe  an advertisement that made you buy something.

What kind  of advertisement it was

When and  where you saw this advertisement

What  product it advertised

What the  advertisement said

Why you  decided to buy that product

Part 3

What are  the different ways that products and services are advertised?

Is there  more advertising on newspapers than on TV?

Whats the most frequently used method of  advertising? Why?

Which do  you think is the most effective of them?

What  products do you think are most suitable to be advertised?

Do you  think the number of advisements will increase in the future?

D you  think there should be some controls placed on the advertising industry?

What kinds  of advertisements do you think are the most effective?

What  impact on people does music in advertisements have?

Doo you  think children are influenced very much by advertisements?

What  effects do advertisements have on young children?

What  visual effects do you think make advertisements most effective?

Describe a  job you would do in the future

What job  it would be

What you  would do in that job

How you  can get the job

Why you  would like to do that job


What  careers are popular with young people in your country?

Do you  think theres any  difference between males and females when it comes to choosing a future  career?

What  factors do males men consider and what factors do females consider when they  are making this choice?

Do you  think money is the most important factor to consider?

Do you  think parents should let their children make their own choices about a future  career or should the parents make this choice?

Are there  any other ways in which young people can get some guidance on what career to  choose?


Describe a  special thing you want to buy in the future

Will the  special thing help you in your study?

Do you  like to go shopping?

What are  the effective ways of advertising?

Why do you  like shopping?

Where do  you usually go shopping?

How often  do you go shopping?

What are  the advantages and disadvantages of modern ways of shopping?

Are there  any differences between the old and modern ways of shopping?

Describe  something (a TV program or a film ) that made you laugh a lot

What it  was

When it  happened

Who was  with you

Why you laughed

Part 3

What makes  people laugh in your country?

Is comedy  very popular in your country?

Are comedy  TV shows very popular in your country?

What do  you think are the differences between seeing comedy on TV and reading funny  materials in a book?

Would you  like to appear in a TV comedy program?

Is comedy  used much in advertisements in your county?

Do you  think funny advertisements on RV are effective?

What do  you think are the benefits of laughter?

Do you  think there are differences between what males and females think is humorous?

Why do you  think some people find something funny that others think isnt funny?

Describe a  TV program you like to watch

What type  of program it is

When you  watch it

Why you  watch it

What you  learn from this program

Part 3

Do you  watch a lot of TV?

Why do  people watch TV?

What are  the effects of watching too much TV?

What types  of television programs are popular in your country?

What do  you think are the good points and the bad points about TV?

What has  satellite TV brought to our lives?

What are  the effects of televisions on family life?

What are  the effects of televisions on people at different ages?

Are there  any differences between interviewing online and meeting people face to face?

Do you  talk about the TV programme with other people?

Do you  think the programme will be changed in the future?

How does  the programme influence people?

Is it  educational?

Is it fair  for those TV stars to be paid huge salaries?

What kind  of program do you like?

Are there  many political programmes in China?

How do  they influence people?

Describe a  useful electronic equipment you bought for your home (not a computer or TV)

Part 3:

Which  equipment do you think is the most popular in china?

What do  you think of the advantages/harms of those advanced equipments?

Describe a  photo you like

Describe a  type of clothes you usually like to wear

Describe a  book recommended by your friends

Describe a  childhood story you heard

Part 3: Do  parents read stories to their children in China?

In China,  what kind of stories do children read or do their parents tell them? (Love  stories?)

Compare  the difference of children's stories today and children's stories in the  past. ---In China, what kinds of TV programs do children like? Do you think  that children can distinguish between good and bad TV programs?

Describe  something useful /a useful skill you learned from your others

Describe a  radio program

Describe  something you can't live without it

You should  say: what it is, how long you had it, what it is used for and explain why you  can't live without it

Describe a  statue or artwork you have ever seen before

Describe a  subject you don't like in your secondary or high school

Describe a  book

Describe a  book you read in your childhood.

Describe a  equipment (except computer)

When did  you buy it?

What do  you use it for?

How do you  feel about it?

Describe a  movie

How many  types of films are there in China?

What are  the mainstream films?

Are there  any differences between watching films in a cinema and at home?

Do you  prefer original films with subtitles or dubbed films?

What kind  of films are worth watching in the cinema.

Describe  an article you read in a magazine/newspaper.


Describe a  street where you like to go shopping

Where it  is

What you  buy there

How often  you go there

Why you  like go to the street for shopping

Part 3

Do you  like going shopping?

Why do  some people like shopping and others not like it?

Have you  ever bought anything online?

What are  the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online?

What do  you think about online shopping?

Do people  in China like to buy things on the internet?

Do you  think online shopping will become more popular in the future?

Do you  think online shopping will replace the current ways we buy things?

What are  the difference shopping center and shopping street?

Compare  big shops such as supermarkets &department stores with small shops

How do you  think about 24-hour shop?

Describe a  café you often  you go to

Differences  between cafes and restaurants

Where do  people usually go to when they have a get-together? Why?

Do  students often go to cafes?

Describe a  library

Where is  the library?

Is it a  campus or public one?

Which  parts of the library do you like and dislike?

Should  children go to public libraries? How about the elderly?

Does the  government have the responsibility to construct public libraries?

Is it  important to learn how to use a library?

Describe a  crowded place

Do people  like crowed place? Why?

How event  will be successful?

What kind  of crowded place do Chinese like going?

Why do  people like going to some crowded places like concerts?

Describe a  place where you have worked or studied.

Where this  place was

What this  place looked like

What you  did there

Why you  chose to study or work at this place

What city  do you work/study in?

Why did  you choose to work/study in this city?

Do you  think people are working longer hours today than they did in the past?

Describe a  place where it is noisy.

Where is  this place?

Why it is  so noisy?

How do you  feel about this place?

Historical  place

Why do  people go to historical places?

Which is  your countrys most  famous historical place?

Should  people pay entrance fees to historical places?

Could you  tell me about a famous historical place that you have visited?

What place  it was?

Where it  is located?

What about  that place interests you the most?

Do you  agree that people must pay to visit these historical places and museums?

Do you  think TV is a good medium to learn about the history of any place?

Do you  think parents should teach their children about history?

Do you  think history should be taught at school?

Do you  think people are keen on visiting historical places?

Describe a  seaside place you want to visit

How to  save water?

Does the  urban area consume more water than the rural area?

Does china  face the problem of water scarcity?

Describe  your ideal house

When was  it built?

Should the  government invest in maintaining the historical places?

Should  government invest in creating more employment?

What kind  of housing do most Chinese people live in?

Where is  the housing?

What are  the differences between the architectural styles in the different areas in  China?

Should a  company design its own buildings?

Describe a  room occupied by your friend

Describe a  polluted place.

Describe a  peaceful place. (How often do you go there? What do you do there? Explain why  you like it.

Describe a  historical building.

Describe a  modern building.

Would you  compare modern buildings and old buildings?

Do you  like high buildings?


Describe a  recent event that made you feel happy

What the  event was

When and  where it happened

Who  participated in this event

What you  saw or did

Why this  event was so enjoyable

Part 3

What are  some things that make you happy?

Do you  think artistic activities can make people happy?

Do you  think people who have more talent are happier than others?

Do you  think money makes people happy?

Are the  things that make people happy today the same as several decades ago?

Why do  people feel happy when they are with members of their family?

Describe a  trip you took by public transport

When and  where you went

Why you  took the trip

What you  did and saw on the trip

How you  felt about the trip

Part 3

Why do  some people prefer driving their cars to taking public transport?

Is it true  that driving cars means a higher status?

Should  government take measures to limit cars?

Do Chinese  people like to travel overseas?

How does  international travel influence the economy of countries?

After  someone returns from traveling overseas, what effects can they have on their  home country?

Describe a  way to keep healthy

You should  say: What it is; how you know it; why you think it is a good way to stay  healthy.

Part 3:  --questions about healthy lifestyles and diet. --- what physical exercises do  Chinese people do? --- how should people to deal with work pressure?

Describe a  party you want to hold for your friends recently

Describe a  special meal/a food

You should  say: who you would invite/ where you would eat this meal

what you  would eat and explain why you would choose to eat this food.

Part 3

1. Do you  like cooking? (Why?/Why not?)

2. What  kinds of food do Chinese people like to eat?

3. Would you  say that eating a healthy diet is important? (Why?)

4.  Describe what you think is a healthy diet.

5. Are  there many vegetarians in China?

6. Why do  you think some people choose to be vegetarians?

Describe a  future plan

Describe  an Important Message you received by phone, email or text

Describe a  letter you have received

Part 3  questions about volunteers

Describe  an outdoor picnic/activity you enjoyed

Describe  an occasion when someone visited your home

Describe a  job you want to do in the future

Part 3  what kind of guidances for career should parents provide to their kids?

What kind  of skills should the school provide to students?

What kind  of jobs are popular in china?

Describe a  time when someone taught you something

Part 3 do  you think young people should focus on doing one thing or many other things?

Who is  more influential to children, mother or father

Who can  teach you more things, teachers or families?

What can  you learn from school?

Describe  your favourite weather/

a season/  time you enjoy

You should  say:

what sort  of bad weather it was/ when it happened /where you were when it happened and  explain how it affected you.

Describe a  decision you made

Describe a  sport event you have watched on TV or enjoy doing .

You should  say: what it is /what happens at this event and explain why you would like  this sports event.

Describe a  competition you took part in/ you want to take part in

Describe a  family business

Part 3

1. what  are the advantages and disadvantages of having family members as workers in  the company?

2. What  are the reasons for the failures in small business at the first year?

Describe a  group activity

Describe a  club or organization you took part in

Stages in  life

Describe a  story that someone told you when you were a child

Who told  you the story

When and  where someone told you the story

What the  story was

Why you  still remember the story

What are  the difference between the adults and childrens  understanding of a story?

What are  the effects of stories to children?

Describe  an important conversation you had in the past.

What was  the situation?

Who did  you talk to?

Why is it  important to you?

Describe a  stage of life you enjoyed

When was  it?

Who did  you live with?

What did  you do?

Why do you  think the stage is important or enjoyable?

When does  a child become an adult?

What  cannot you do when you become an adult?

Do you  think the law is reasonable?

If you  want to make changes, when is the timing?

Describe a  happy event in your childhood

Describe a  family event.

Would it  be a shame to forget tradition

Is it good  for companies to hire elderly people?

What role  do elderly people play at home?

Do young  people change their attitude towards the elderly now?


Describe a  science class

When did  you attend it?

What was  it about?

What do  you think of distance learning?

What do  you think of home studying?

What  should the parents do to help their children if they choose home teaching?

Do your  parents help you when you study at home?

Do you  think studying at home is a good way to acquire knowledge for adults?

Do you  think studying at home is becoming more popular? Why?

What is  your favorite subject?

Should  youngsters learn science? Why?

Do you  think boys can learn science better?

When  should students learn science?

Should  students learn history?

How do we  acquire the knowledge of history nowadays?

Whats the point of acquiring the  knowledge of history?

Films with  historical themes are very popular now. What do you think about them?

Should  history films retell authentic stories or should the stories be dramatized?

How do the  dramatized stories affect children?

Language  learning

Describe  something useful for your English learning.

How do you  learn a new language?

Who do you  learn with?

Is  learning a second language important?

Will the  learning of a new language change your understanding of local culture?

In your opinion,  which languages will become more popular in the future?

What are  the benefits of learning a foreign language?

Are there  any differences between the way the young and the elderly learn a language?

Educational  trip

Can  students benefit from educational visits?

Should  schools organize the visits?

Whats your suggestion?

What roles  do parents play in a family?


Do people  live healthy life styles in China?

Are people  healthier now than before?

Are PE  lessons necessary for students?


Describe a  piece of advice

What kind  of advice do you usually follow?

Who  usually give advice?

Where does  the advice lead you?

How to  make young people follow wise advice?

Nowadays,  do the elderly give advice to children or vice versa?

Is it  important to give young people advice?

Who often  give advice in your community?

Is old  peoples advice  more important than young peoples?


How do you  and children learn history?

Describe a  local history.

A  conversation

What did  you talk about?

Whom did  you talk with?

Describe  the different way of talking between man and woman.

Describe  the quality of speaker.

Describe  the relevant of two speakers.

A success

How do you  make a success?

How should  we define success?

Is result  more important than process when you pursue success?

Does  success lead to stress?

A speech

Why do  people feel nervous when delivering a speech?

Who should  give speeches to children?

Describe  an important conversation you had.

Are there  any communication differences between males and females?

Do you  think communication skills are important?


Tell me  about an experience of helping someone

Do you  often help people?

Do you  think people are less willing to help others? Is it good?

How should  parents encourage their kids to help others?

Do people  usually do volunteer work in China?

What do  you think of the volunteer work in China?

Describe a  sound in nature.


Describe  what you wore on a special occasion

What it  was

Where you  bought it

Whether people  thought it was good or not

Do you  still keep it now?

On what  occasions do people wear informal or formal clothes?

Do you  think you can judge peoples  character by what they wear? How?

Describe  something special you would like to buy in the future.

Describe  an electric appliance.

Describe a  photo.

Describe  something you made by yourself.

Describe  an important postcards or letter you received.

Describe a  school you went at childhood.

Do you  like wearing watches?

What do  you feel when you are late?


Sports  event

How do  sports benefit children?

How do  competitive sports benefit children?

What  sports can be done inside a classroom?

Describe a  kind of extreme sports.

Describe  an exciting sport.

Describe a  dangerous sport.

Season  & Weather

Whats your favorite season?

Why do you  like this season?

What do  you usually do in this season?

What jobs  are seasonal?

Who takes  seasonal jobs?

How does  bad weather affect peoples work?

What  should companies provide for its employees who work in bad weather?

How does  climatic season affect the local community?

How does  climatic season affect the local economy?

What are  the occupations where people have to work in bad weather?

Do  builders have to work in hot weather?

What  should builders take precautions against except the bad weather?

Should  builders be paid more?

What  should governments do to prevent global warming?

How does  climatic deterioration affect peoples lives?


Describe a  gift you received

Describe a  thing you want to buy in the future

Describe a  book you received when you were a child

You should  say 1. What is its name?

2. Who  gave you it?

3. What is  it about?


Describe a  trip that you did not make as you planned

Do  different people think of traveling differently?

Are there  any differences between business trip and tour?

What  technology will be brought along to assist in trip?

Describe a  trip you did not enjoy.

Are there  and differences between ordinary trips and business ones?

What  should you take when you are travelling?


Describe a  piece of law


Describe a  leisure activity

Describe a  picnic

Describe a  special meal

Design a  party you will hold

Who will  you invite?

What will  happen?

Where will  you hold it?

Do you  think family party is important?

Why do  people in your country usually hold a party?

What do  you think about national celebrations?

Do you  think they are important?

Describe a  sports event

Describe  an event that made you happy recently

Does money  make people happy?

Describe a  memorable childhood event.

Why do  people often recall their childhood?

Is it  important to remember the past?

Why is the  young generation turning its back on tradition?

Why are  children more easily influenced by western culture?

Describe  an important celebration in your culture.

You should  say:

when this  celebration is held

what  people do during this celebration

and  explain what you like or dislike about this celebration.

Describe a  contest you attended.


Describe  your job.

What will  people take into consideration when they choose their jobs?

Why do  people shift jobs?

Does your  company offer any training courses?

What do  you think of workaholics?

Why is it  difficult for people to land jobs in your country?

Why do  people want to get promoted?

What are  the disadvantages of doing one job for a lifetime?