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陳蕙雅思機經 - 雅思口語機經 Part1 (2013 09 28)




Part 1考題總結



1. Does  your name have any special meaning?

2. Do you  want to change your name? What would it be?

3. Are  there any common names in china? Why?

4. Do you  have any tradition about naming babies?

5. Are  there any ceremonies when people name their babies?

Your  studies

1. Do you  work or are you a student?

2. What's  your major? Have you ever communicated about your major with your friends?

3. Will  you study with others in the future? Why?

4. What is  your plan for your future study?

5. When  you study, do you feel happy?

6. Whats your favorite subject?  What  do like most about it?

7. Do you  enjoy your school life? What are the benefits of being a student?

8. What do  you usually do after class?


1. Whats your job? / What do you do? / How  do you make a living?

2. Have  you ever changed your job? / Do you want to change a job?

3. Whats your routine job? / What do you do  in the office every day? 4. Whats your  responsibility in your company?

5. Do you  satisfy with your job? /What aspects do you like or dislike about your job?

6. What  job do you like to do in the future?

Your  hometown

1. Where  do you come from?

2. Is  there anything special about your hometown? / Are there any beautiful places  in your hometown?

3. What is  the weather like in your hometown?

4. What's  the weather like in your hometown?

5. What  are some of the changes that have taken place in your home town?

6. What's  your hometown famous for?

7. Whats the traffic situation in your  hometown?

Flat and  Apartment

1. Do you  live in a house or an apartment/ flat? Who do you live with?

Whats your flat/ house like? (location,  color, floors, garden, backyard)

2. Which  part of your home do you like best? Which room do you like best in your  place?

3. Is it  better to live in a city or a small town? Is it better to live in a city or  countryside for young people?

4. Do you  like countryside?

5. Is the  place where you live suitable for young people or the elderly to live? Why?

6. What  kind of house do you want to live in the future? Do you want to move to other  place to live in the future?

Outdoor  activities

1. What  outdoor activities do you like?

2. How  long do you normally spend on outdoor activities? *

3. What  outdoor activities do people like in your country? *

4. Are  these outdoor activities popular in your country? *

5. Do  Chinese have enough time to do outdoor activities?

Leisure  Time

1. What do  you do in your spare time (= free time)?

2. (In the  evenings), do you prefer to relax at home and watch TV or go out with your  friends?

3. What do  you usually do with your family?

4. Do you  think modern people like to do things with others, in a group?

5. Are you  good at organizing time? How do you usually organize time?

6. Why do  you think some people pay to learn time management?

Do you  think children should learn to manage time?

7. Which  part of the day do you like best?

8. Which  part of the day is beneficial for your study?

9. How do  the people in your country relax themselves?

10. What  do you usually do on weekends?

TV  Programs

1. Do you  like watching TV in spare time? What kinds of TV programs do you like? Why?

2. Do you  often watch TV with your family? Why?/ Why not?


1. How do  you usually get your news?

2. Do you  prefer to read newspapers or watch TV to get your news?

3. What  news topics are you most interested in watching/reading about?

4. How  important do you think the news is?

5. Compare  the domestic and international news


1. What  kind of music do you like? What kind of music did you hear when you were a  child/in primary school?

2. Where  and when do you usually listen to music?

3. Where  would you prefer to listen to music, at home or in the concert hall?

4. Do you  play any musical instrument?

5. Do you think  children should learn to play some (traditional) musical instruments?

6. What is  the role of traditional music in your country?

7. Why do  we play music on festivals?

Food and  cooking

1. What  foods do you usually eat?

2. Do you  often eat in the restaurant? / Do you like to eat outside?

3. What  food did you like to eat when you were a child? Do you still like that food  now?

4. If you  had children, What food would you cook for your child in the future?

5. Do you  think it's good to take children to restaurants?

6. Do you  cook? If not, will you cook in the future?

7. Who  cooks in your family?

8. What  kind of meat do you like to eat? Do you like vegetables?

9. Which  do you prefer, eat more times a day and have little a time or eat less times  a day but have more a time?

10. What  do you think of the whole family eating together?

Toys/  Games

1. What is  your favorite toy?

2. Should  adults play with toys?

3. How do  adults entertain themselves in China?

4. Which  game did you play when you were young?

Families  /relatives

1. How  many members are there in your family? Do you have a large family or a small  one?

What sorts  of things do you like to do together?

Which  relative do you pay frequent visit to?

Which  relative lives nearest to you?

4. Who is  your most important relative?


1. Are your  friends mostly your age or different ages?

2. Do you  prefer to have one particular friend or a group of friends?

3. Do you  often meet new people? Do you often meet people from other countries?

4. Is it  important to keep in contact with friends you knew as a child?

5. What  makes a friend into a good friend?

6. Where  do young people make friends?

7. How do  children make new friends?

8. Whats your relationship with your  friends?

Taking  Photographs

1. Do you  like taking photos?

2. Do you  prefer to take photos of scenery or of people?

3. Is  taking photos popular in your country?

4. Do you  like taking photos when you go traveling?

5. Do  Chinese people like to visit photograph exhibitions? What kind of photos do  they like to look at?

6. Why do  some people (do not) like taking photographs?

7. What  factors make a good photograph?

8. Do you  think being a photographer would be a good job?

9. When  did you take family photos last time?


1. Do you  like trees/plants?

2. What  kinds of trees are famous in your hometown?

3. Do you  like climbing trees?

4. What do  you think of the trees?

5. Where  are there lots of trees and woods in china?

6. Do you  like living in places with lots of trees?


1. Are you  a patient person?

2. How  will you react when you feel impatient?

3. How do  you kill time at the time of waiting for buses?

4. Do you  think Chinese are patient?


1. Do you  like sunny days?

2. What do  you usually do in sunny days?

3. Are  there many sunny days in your hometown?